Oct. 12,13, & 14 2007




WHO: This Regional Championships is open to any NRA member and will be conducted in accordance with current NRA regulations for COWBOY LEVER RIFLE silhouette championships.


ENTRIES: Please use the attached entry form and fill out all requested information. You must be a current NRA member, or will be required to join prior to shooting.


ENTRIES CLOSE: Entries close on Monday Oct. 8, 2007. There is a late fee of ten (10.00) dollars for entries received after 5 PM on the above date.  A phone call of your intentions to shoot will negate the late fee AS LONG AS YOU CALL ME BY Monday night Oct. 8 by 9 PM Pacific standard Time.


 ENTRY FEES: The entry fee for the three-day match is $75.00.


MAXIMUM SHOOTERS:  80 shooters using four relays in the .22 cal. and pistol cal.

In the rifle Cal. the number of shooters will determine the number of relays at match time. The max shooters we can handle in the rifle cal. are 48. This will require 4 relays and a long day.


PRACTICE: The Pala range will be open for practice on Thursday Oct.11, 8 AM. We cannot shoot prior to 8 AM. Additional practice time may be available for one hour each morning prior to match start times


SQUADDING: Scorecards will be available on Wednesday and Thursday. Please checks in as soon as you arrive, have your record book, no book no scorecards. Books will be available for sale, and make sure you have your old books.


Classification: The current NRA classification system will be used. If You hold no classification for any of the three guns, you will have to shoot in the master class for the match one and you will be classified on match one for match two and match three the agg.


Awards: Each gun will be an 80 shot match. Awards will be for an 80 shot match.


Equipment: It is the shooters responsibility to insure their equipment meets current NRA regulations for BPCR competition. A jury will be appointed to handle protests.


RANGE FACILITIES: Pala has five banks of ten targets for .22 cal. and pistol cal.  And six banks of five for rifle cal., and a covered firing line. We have some tables, it would not hurt to bring your own. There are sufficient portable toilets on the range; there is no portable water or dump stations on the range.


TARGET SETTERS:  We will set our own targets for .22 cal and Pistol cal. matches. In the Rifle cal. YOU WILL SET YOUR own chickens and pigs, and NCSA will have setters for the turkeys and rams.


LONG RUNS: Long runs may be shot at the end of shooting day, day light permitting. It is the shooters responsibility to let the match Director, Harold Itchkawich know if you want to try a long run.


MATCH START TIMES:  All matches will start at 9AM. We cannot shoot before 8 AM on any day.


CAMPING: Camping fee is 5.00 for each night. The range will be open on

Wednesday Oct. 11 Th at noon for shooters to bring in camping units


FOOD: No food service at the range. The Pala Casino has plenty of good restaurants. They’re also many other good restaurants with in the area, Bonsal, Temecular, and Escondido. All are with in 18 Miles of the range.


Directions:  Pala Indian Reservation is located in North San Diego County California. The range is 5.5 miles east of I-15 on State RT 76. Rt 76 is about 45 miles north of San Diego and 18 Miles South of Temecular. The range is at the end of Henderson road; Henderson road is a dirt road off of Pala Mission Rd. There is a map and directions on the NCSA web page.


LODGING:  Lodging may be found in Escondido, Temecular, and Oceanside. Most of the common chain motels are in the area. The Pala Hotel and Spar is open and very nice, but on the price side at least 100.00 per night. But it is close to range and has restaurants.


SPOTTERS. If you do not have a spotter I will pair you up with another shooter. In the rifle cal. match we will shoot at least three relays. I may have to break you up from your normal spotter to make three relays. Therefore get your entries in early and you will have a better chance to shoot with your spotter of choice. We have never had a problem with spotting for each other in these cowboy matches.


SPECIAL NOTE. NCSA is hosting a BPCR regional the 1st week of Oct.

Some on you shooters who shoot both may want to shoot the BPCR match and stay for the Cowboy regional match. And then vacation in San Diego County for a few days. It is good weather in Oct.
















CITY, STATE & ZIP_____________________________________________________


NRA MEMBERSHIP NUMBER______________________EXP DATE____________






THREE GUN MATCH FEE    $75.00---------------------------------------- $____________


CAMPING  5.00 PER NIGHT    NUMBER OF NIGHTS------------------$____________


PRACTICE 5.00 PER DAY--------------------------------------------------- -$____________





SENIOR AGE 60+_________BIRTH DATE_______________________


SUPER SENIOR AGE 70+_________BIRTH DATE____________________




MY SPOTTER IS___________________________________________________


I LIKE TO BE ON SAME BANK WITH________________________________


                                                                  ________________________________                                                                                      ________________________________                      

Make checks out to NCSA     and Mail to: NCSA 536 Mimosa Ave. Vista Ca. 92081

Harold’s phone is 760-727-9160 or 760-734-1281(this is also Fax number)

Harold’s E-mail is ncsagraybeard

NCSA web page is Check this for last minute changes or additional information