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Recreational Shooting


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Saturday Matches:

1st Sat. (BPCR)

3rd Sat. (Saddle Tramp)
4th Sat. (IPSC)
5th Sat. (Wild Bunch)

Sunday Matches:

1st Sun. (Varmint)

3rd Sun. .22 Long Range
4th Sun. (Hi Power)
5th Sun. (Mil. Bolt)

Recreational Shooting
Buffalo Matches




2nd Sat. (Cowboy-OLD)

3rd Sun. (Cowboy-OLD)






Club members can practice and have recreational shooting on each Monday and Friday of the month. See shooting calendar for details. 

Recreational shooting is also available on the 1st Sat. and 1 st Sun. from 1-3PM when the respective matches for that day are over. Additionally Rec shooting is available on the 3rd and 4th Sundays from 1-3 PM, again after the matches for the day are over.

Practice starts at 8:30 AM   to 2:00 PM

Equipment: any safe firearm; no 50 caliber BMGs without prior approval from Harold.   NOTE  Please make sure you have no steel core ammo. It can cause fires with ricochets. You can use a small magnet to check your ammo. A lot of foreign made ammo uses steel core.

Price: monthly practices are $15. Guest of members $20.00

Check with Harold at (760) 727-9160 if the weather looks real threatening. If Harold not available call Andy 760-728-9140