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NCSA High Power
Long Range Precision and Tactical Target Shooting


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Saturday Matches:

1st Sat. (BPCR)

3rd Sat. (Saddle Tramp)
4th Sat. (IPSC)
5th Sat. (Wild Bunch)

Sunday Matches:

1st Sun. (Varmint)

3rd Sun. .22 Long Range
4th Sun. (Hi Power)
5th Sun. (Mil. Bolt)

Recreational Shooting
Buffalo Matches




2nd Sat. (Cowboy-OLD)

3rd Sun. (Cowboy-OLD)






We are a longer-range precision and tactical target-shooting club.  We are a members only club.  You may be our guest two times, then you must join.  We shoot at steel swinging targets from 120 yards to our longest at 887 yards.  Smallest target is 4" diameter and the largest is 16"x20".  We have a covered firing line.

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If you have any questions, or would like some information, feel free to email us at ncsahp@cox.net